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Premier Homes of the Carolinas

Going Green

Green Home Construction, Naturally

Green building takes place when construction and design practices are able to increase the efficiency with which a home uses resources such as energy, water and materials, while reducing the home’s impact on the environment. Premier Homes of the Carolina’s systems-built construction method inherently produces green homes that are constructed more efficiently, built more tightly and produce less waste.
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Good for your Pocketbook

Owning a Premier Homes of the Carolina’s home means you will save money on monthly utilities because of its energy efficiency. Our precision construction and sealed ducts create a tight construction envelope that significantly reduces the loss of precious heated and cooled air. Th is means your heating and cooling systems work less to keep you comfortable, which will save you money month after month.

Good for the Environment

Our high performance construction means you consume less natural resources to heat and cool your home. Premier Homes of the Carolina’s homes also allow less treated air to escape, reducing your impact on the environment.
Green Gauge
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Good for You

Owning a Premier Homes of the Carolina’s home provides more peace of mind for daily living. Our precise construction and sealed air duct system greatly reduce the presence of pollen, dust and other outside allergens. They also restrict noise pollution from the outside, creating a quieter, more peaceful living environment.
For more information download the brochures from our Energy Management System & HiPerformance Green!
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